1.-Since when you been drawing?

Since kid, but , ive started to taking comics seriously at age of 18 by doing complex images and not just doodles, guess i started pretty late..

2.-What type of tools do you use?

Mechanical pencils and regular paper a4 size, hb leads. For digital painting i use Corel Painter X3, sometimes art rage, sketchbook pro or photoshop. A regular lide 110 Cannon scanner, a computer pc and wacom tablets cintiq and intuos.

3.-Do you have professional and  printed works  that i can find?

Ive created the comicbook of Lullaby Wisdom Seeker (printed by Alias comics, wowio, image comics, Editorial Norma,L´autre Visage du comics, Italy comics). Also made 5 comics of Leviticus comic series, Illustrations for Konami and Nintendo for the game lunar knights, pretty lucky right?, Starcratf 2 frontline saga in 5 volumes for Tokyo Pop and Blizzard , Made the design figure of Robin chan for Dc comics for ame-comi manga series.Participated with illustrations for many books and magazines, like tribute for street fighter, darkstalkers and megaman by Udon Comics and capcom, Expose 7, Pixiv,  and many more for other countries. Galacta comic book for Marvel Comics, with the amazing Adam Warren. Also many many cards like  kaijudo or WoW, Superman and many more, hard to get.

4.-What can i do to improve my art  like you?

Well its all about been patient , developing art skills takes years of practice, its not about downloading a cool  brush, or  reading a couple of tips, tips helps but helps better with tons and tons of repetitions. The more mistakes you do the more you learn, its like riding a bike for the first time, each time i fall down i learn something, the more i fall the longer i was on the bike without falling.

I will try to keep updating cool videos or things of interest to help you develope your art curiosity to stop you from dropping your pencil and never draw again, which is sad. 

5.-How many hours will take you to do a piece?

People are really concerned about timing, they think if they can do it in less than 5 minutes they will rule the world, unfornatelly art its not a race its a marathon, you need to keep your pace so you dont end exhausted in the middle of a drawing, sometimes a drawing can be done in 3 hours sometimes in 36, but as a rule the drawings will start getting better and better after the first 4 hours. And when a drawing start looking worse and worse, you better stop drawing it.

6.-Do you recomend studying in an art school?

Well that depends on the person, in my case i studied graphic design, but they didnt teach  the concepts i needed for graphic illustration, so i had to read a lots of computer software books, art, color theory. And i have frineds that learned a lot in cheap art schools, and on the other side of the coin, i have friends that studied in a fancy expensive art school, they didnt learn much and they ended with a big debt.

You cant blame your art school of your failure, remember there are not excuses for avoiding hard work, no matter the school you choose, its all about hard work and love.

7.-What type of work you wont do for commissions?

I wont do speculation work were there is no real pay check, they promise you a lot of money, but they rally dont have nothing in their hands, its a gamble, and i dont like gambling. Also i dont do designs for tattoos, i respect the artists that does that, you requiere special skills like knowing how skin behaves, how much details a lot of knowledge. I have no problem if you want to do a tatto with my art, just dont ask me to design one i  really dont have the skills.  Also i dont do FREE work, for people that promise me a lot of publicity  and marketing, need to pay bills like everyone else.

8.-Do you have tutorials, or reference books i should get to improve?

Dont worry, i will start sharing cool videos  that i found on youtube that can help you improve on my video feed and blog, i like sharing experiences, bad or good, at the end we all have difficulties and we should share a way to avoid them, so you should keep looking at this page at least weekly for updates.

9.-How can i draw lineart as clean as you do?

Hhahaha i get this question a lot, people will be surprised how often i erase, sometimes ive even erase more than linning pencils. Tips i can give you just use many erasers, i have a regular gum eraser, a kneaded rubber eraser and a stadler electric one its a smaller version like the sakura but cheaper, like 10 dollars. Also i use an extra piece of paper to rest underneath my hand so my hand dont made the drawing dirty. Also the detailing is important, and i mean the direction, for example im left handed so i start  detailing from right to left, so my hand avoid drawing on top of line art, making the drawing more dirty.

10.-What are the type of things you like and get inspired, can you talk abit about yourself?

Okay i like anime and mangas, movies and games like rest no science there. What people didnt knew its that i was a manga hater in my youth, always tried to hard to be a clone of Mike Turner  or even Francisco Ruiz, but something was not right, then one day a friend showed me FLCL, and that animation blow my mind. Then i started drawing anime, and that style fitted my hand like a glove, what im saying that sometimes you are in the wrong side of stylization. Learn to respect others people art, the anime i didnt liked the style, its now my favorite anime from all time "One Piece".

Im addcited to starts, probably because of my converse shoes, i like placing starts everywhere, specially on my art, hahhaha so maybe you will notice a couple on this site.

I wish i could write more, but i will levae that for the blog, so i dont add to many words here. So, thank you for reading this, and hope it had been of help. Keep dreaming and keep drawing guys, paper its a window to dreams, im caged in this "paper cage", which i love.